• SUCIO (which means dirty, unclean or impure in spanish) is a brand and a creative philosophy. 
    We parted from the concept of the japanese Ensō and the aesthetics of unfinished, natural and raw objects. The goal, as a brand, was to create a collection of wood hand-crafted objects that could sit around a creative's work space. As a philosphy, we intend to create by getting our hands dirty (thus the name). We believe in the human potential and our body as the ultimate creation tool. We promote raw experimentation and natural care, embracing imperfection and high quality detail.
  • The ō in Suciō reminds us of the word Ensō, while the bar sits at the bottom, holding up the circle. This bar has an irregular line, not a straight one, to remind the hand-crafted wood we work on. It is always printed as a stamp to achieve precision and irregular texture from the ink.
  • Plant (or IKEA pencil) holder
  • Business card holder
  • Tablet upholder with wrist ergonomic shape to place a keyboard over the flat surface.
  • Detail
  • Hand-crafting each piece made the product unique.