Sanacon writing system

  • Sanacon
    Sanacon is a constructed universal writing system with the goal to at first act as a replacement or alternate method to write English and then grow to nearly be able to write down any language in the planet Earth. It is a Phonetic based system borrowing my ideas from IPA and visual influence from many already exist scripts. 
    Read more about it - here and here
  • Sanacons 'Alphabet'
    Loosley based on the IPA Alphabet, the Sanacon system in its current form makes us of 42 different phonemes each with there own grapemes. 
  • The Grid
    Sanacon makes typographic use 3 different areas (as seen above), the upper consonant area, the vowel area and the lower consonant area. All vowels stay in the vowel area (exception is the diacritic syle marks), the consonants start in the vowel area but must enter either or both of the consonant areas. 
  • The Sanacon Guidebook