Research, Rethink, Remake

  • When asked to find a concept for the MA-Postgraduate exhibition of this year at London College of Communication, we started reflecting about what an MA really meant. The most important aspects we underlined were the research, the will of constantly re-considering an idea in order to improve it, and the process rather than the result. When translating these concepts into graphics we decided to use tridimensionality and optical illusions to convey the evolution and change, the need to go further, always convinced that "good enough" is never enough.
    Concept Francesca Oddenino, Vanessa Poli, Nina Frank, Sven Zijderveld
    Design Francesca Oddenino, Vanessa Poli, Nina Frank, Pietro Romanelli
    Invitation Sven Zijderveld, Silvia Baldan
    Animation Bernard Yan, Elias Freiberger
    Website Thomas Brasington
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