Arête | Beverage Experience Company

  • Winston Cuevas + Ryan Murphy
  • Rhode Island School of Design  |  Business + Product Design, Fall 2013.  
    Beverage culture is expanding in a new direction, as customers are more interested in craft, experience and customization than ever before (be it coffee, tea, or alcohol). We set out to create a new focal point in the cafe, and in doing so, streamlined the customization process and created a new way for customers to engage with their beverage.
    Arete would partner with up and coming metropolitan cafes who who share the unique approach and appreciation for crafted beverages. Through the Arete Barista system, our business partners could attract new, experience seeking customers.
    For the initial product launch, Arete would work on a royalty based model with selected metropolitan cafes. As the brand is developed, we would transition towards an exclusive (one-per-city) lease based model. 
  • Mapping, Brand Positioning, Industry Analysis, Global Beverage Trends
  • Arete Barista + Flat Vessels (AutoCad Drawing, Solidworks Rendering)
  • Tabs accompany modules and aid user selection of various beverage additions.
  • Arete Tea Glass™ | Arete Garnish Glass™ | Arete Espresso Glass™
  • Exploded view drawings and orthographics of the three core Arete glasses.
  • Arete Barista being showcased at New Harvest Coffee in the business district of downtown Providence.
  • Drink is placed on the rack in advance of mixing.
  • Cappuccino is served in an Arete Espresso Glass™
  • Dragonfruit Oolong is steeped in an Arete Tea Glass™