Y U C K ! Cottonswabs

  • Client: Deakin University, Melbourne (student work)
    Brief: Make a household article go from boring to exiting with a redesign treatment.
    (Name change optional)
  • I Chose: cottonswabs, or q-tips if you will, as my redesign case. 
    I wanted to emphasize the fact that they have an almost infinite amount of uses and are not only for stuffing in your ears. With this in mind I wanted to create a fun, exiting and eye-catching redesign that moves the cottonswabs out of the bathroom and turns it in to an all around the house type of product. 
    Since cottonswabs do the "dirtyjobs your hands hate" it was a good fit to build the design around the "Hazardous Material Removal" look.
    The name " Y U C K !" was chosen because it "pops" of the package when written with yellow on black. 
  • With a quick coat of yellow, I found that cottonswabs reveal their true selves ---
     "Miniature workers for your everyday HAZMAT worries."
  • If you tip the package upside down, what initially looked like a guy in a hazmat suit, turns into a cottonswab!
  • Thank you and go
    Y U C K  y o u r s e l f !