Even Your Friends Can Be Your Enemies

  • Even your enemies can be your friends as stated in the title is a shoot exploring the concept of truth in people and continues on a long running theme I have explored of a hidden identity and masking the human portrait, defying the viewer from seeing the immediate features, which aims to make the viewer question the image more. 
    To keep the theme contempory, certain attention was made to the props used being the balaclava and the police riot helmet as these two items alone are the entire opposite from each other with their meaning and stir opinions on modern society and also chose to combine these to show the title theme in a bold combination. 
    Taken in a studio to make the subject the only focus for the viewer and deviate from the initial sort of High Key photography thats commonly seen and the "happy family photos!"
    This project also goes to keep the studio light shown in some frames to show a more commercialised side to the shoot and the contradiction and yet the intrigue I felt by the phrase "commercialised crime" and looks into the idea of the character not resembling the immediate concepts of a criminal in hiding and further make the viewer question the response.
    The second set of photos are a more atmospheric look at the illusive nature and narrative behind the images.
  • In the edit and photograph above and below, theres the black mark created as a technical error in the camera equipment but in spite of this is interesting as it emphasises the idea in a very simplistic way with the symbolism that the colours black and white have and the darker element that is potentially present .
    The following photographs look to create and stylise the almost criminal figure which wouldnt be priority when thinking about the character, but to create thought provoking images and the way the colour black can communicate a serious and disguised character and then how the extent of the design that is on the hat introduces new concepts into the characters personality and also make the image interesting again as the hat is defeating the object of being illusive from the clothing which is added intrigue and brings it back to the main theme of deception through the imagery itself when viewed.
  • The Gaze
  • Natural Unveiling
    Post Production Shot
  • Vectorised Identity
    Image above is almost remeniscent of the band Daftpunk and their headgear and so created the vectorised style for it.
  • Abstract 1
  • Whos side are you on?!
  • Abstract 2
  • Abstract 3
  • The Past
  • Drone Zombie
  • Drone Zombie 2
  • The Order