GoPro: In My Element

  • Target Audience:
    Males & females between the ages of 16 to 34 that are active and/or participate in extreme sports.
    Consumer Insight:
    People that use GoPro often test their boundaries and put themselves in environments where they may face extreme elements.
    GoPro is a lightweight, yet durable camera.
    GoPro Hero +3 can handle any element.
    Reasons to Believe:
    The GoPro Hero +3 is shock proof and waterproof up to 60 meters.
    It has survived being dropped while skydiving, swimming with sharks, 2 explosions from homemade bombs, and the adventures of countless GoPro users in every element.
  • Art Director + Copywriter: Devin Hilgenkamp
  • GoPro: Earth
  • Copy:
    The only camera tougher than you.
  • GoPro: Air
  • GoPro: Heat
  • GoPro: Water
  • GoPro: Ice
  • The microsite will open by playing a video that has been uploaded for the promotion. Users can navigate to different videos by clicking on an element icon in the left navigation, by pressing the next button in the video player, or by clicking on a video in the video gallery section.
  • The Contest Details section outlines the steps of the promotion: 1) Pick your element, 2) submit your video that corresponds to that element, and 3) win prizes that relates to your element, which can be found in the Prizes section of the microsite.
  • Copy:

    When you live to the extreme, you need a camera that can hold its own. GoPro Hero +3 can withstand all the element, so you never miss a shot.
  • In the Video Gallery users can view videos that have been uploaded for the promotion. Videos are sorted according to its element, so users can navigate through elements using the navigation at the top of the section. Below each video are the options to share on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or vote for the video. At the end of the promotion the participants with the highest votes will receive prizes from their video's element.
    The opening screen of the outdoor kiosk prompts the user to select their element.
  • After doing so they are brought to a screen that displays different activities from the element they selected. They are then prompted to pick an activity.
  • Once the activity is selected a camera on the kiosk will turn on and will prompt the user to strike a pose. By incorporating a green screen behind the user, the kiosk will be able to transform any outdoor location into a GoPro adventure.
  • Once the picture is taken, another screen will appear with the finished shot and a call to action for the GoPro: In My Element campaign. Here users will also have the ability to share their photo on Facebook, tweet on Twitter, or have it sent to their email or mobile phone.
  • Guerilla advertising could also be implemented for this campaign by physically allowing consumers to "get in their element." Outdoor locations such as public toilets, elevators, or phone booths could be remodeled or redesigned to embody an element. In the example shown above, the inside of the structure transports the consumer into the element air, by creating the illusion that they are standing on the clouds. 4D experience elements could be added, such as wind, heat, cold air, or even mist.