Shit New Yorkers Say Postcards

    Shit New Yorkers Say Postcards

    "All I've had today was a bagel!"
    The task was to make a series of 3 postcards inspired by what you love or hate about New York. In this case, it’s a representation of a love-hate relationship. Based off of the video “Shit New Yorkers Say” found on Youtube, and actual people who live in New York, these postcards convey a short message of what you might hear from the people that live in the big apple.

    Comics taken from Bunky Brothers, vectorized & re-colored.

    Class: Basic Graphic Design
    Instructor: Scott Buschkuhl
    Year: Sophomore (2012)
  • Additional postcards with revised back
  • If you have a couple ideas in mind, make sure to comment below, 
    and I might just make a postcard out of it!