Cruz: The Bar Blender

  • Cruz: The Bar Blender

    Cruz is a charismatic hand blender for bartenders to showcase their artistry in the performance of bartending; to achieve the emotion of polished dynamism. The design of it is informed by an in-depth research study into all aspects of the blender, and we aimed to design a new dynamic hand blender that exists for not only its function, but for its showmanship.

    Project leads: Gloria Ngiam, Goh Hong, Naroth Murali and Albert Lee
  • The Design Process

    1) History of blenders
    2) Case studies of blenders
    3) Market matrices 
    4) Content mapping
    5) Defining the user
    6) Precedence studies
    7) Mood boards 
    8) Idea generation
    9) Aspect prioritizing
    10) Gesture studies
    11) Form exploration 
    12) Design development
    13) User testing
    14) Peripheral studies
    15) Dock exploration
    16) Colour and material exploration
    17) Detailing
    18) Persona verification and testing
    19) Design refinement
    20) Sustainability 
    21) Construction methods
  • Research
  • Multiple market matrices to find the right market for our design.
  • Multiple content maps to clearly pen down our understanding of all blenders and to seek our design direction.
  • Persona and Experience board done to help us better understand the users we are designing for.
  • Precedents studies made to draw relevant insights from existing designs.
  • Mood board defined to help guide the form of our design.
  • Design Generation
  • Idea generation - a sea of sketches and illustration.
  • Aspects prioritization to inform us of the core value of our blender.
  • Gestural studies from different sports, entertainment and industry.
  • Design development
  • Form development through numerous sketches, illustrations and modelling.
  • User testing and feedback.
  • Initial dock design development, considering the efficiency of use as well as the gesture involved.
  • Material studies taking reference from the context of use as well as buddy equipments.
  • Design Refinement
  • Divergent thinking, more sketches and models done to refine the form of blender.
  • Design exploration of the docks.
  • Designing all the details of the blender; part-line, button, light, form, charging pin, etc.
  • Colour and material combination between blender and dock exploration.
  • Final Design - Cruz
  • Prototype of Cruz
  • Flaring with Cruz