Phobias & Fetishes

  • Phobias & Fetishes: An illustrative insight on the etiology theories of phobias & fetishes.
    This book attempts to communicate and illustrate the etiology theories behind phobias and fetishes. Inside are 12 illustrations showing 6 different phobias and fetishes and 6 different theories of their origin. Within the book each theory is paired with a chosen phobia or fetish and then uses the phobia or fetish to explain in visual imagery a psychological/social theory as to why this came about.

    The Gordon Harris award for best use of traditional media for contemporary illustration.
    Finalist in The Best Design Awards 2014 by Designers Institute of New Zealand.

  • trypophobia - the fear of clusters of holes // classical conditioning                                  

  • linonophobia - the fear of string // informational/instructional

  • vestiphobia - the fear of clothes // vicarious fear acquisition          

  • asphyxiaphilia - fetish for intentional restriction of oxygen // displacement (psychodynamics)                                               

  • podophilia - fetish for feet // transitional object             

  • vorarephilia - paraphilia for being eaten or eating someone/something // imprinting                                                                                                             ​​​​​​​