is a virtual Social / Private platform, that provides possibility of building and using your own customization of social panel. Here you are more than welcome to add all your social networks
    and process all the data while using only one source field / dashboard. Also, this platform allows to seperately build additional dashboard with the kind of personal tools.
    Purpose of this project is: Save time on daily basis, while more focusing on data connection between users on different social networks. Also, platform is trying to convey the idea on how to increase better experience maintaining and using your contact list / book.



    Other design objectives:
    Exclusively important to mention that platform also focusing on how to enhance
    user interface with digital design. Moreover, is trying to attach newest design trends
    and give a chance for simple users experience it on daily basis. 


    Customization page:
    - Library of background images
    - Library of background colors including RGB / CMYK color codes
    - Choice of your own dashboard structure

    Platform includes:
    - Welcome page with full-screen slideshow with digital background pictures
    - Login page and UI/X elements implementation
    - Private panel with common tools
    - Social dashboard with most popular social networks
    - Customization page with ability of building your own unique design
    - Settings and profile options
    - Support page
    - Contacts, Terms & Policy pages
    - Search machine

    Private dashboard:
    - Pre-template with most useful tools such as:
    Mail, Notebook, Calender, Weather, Financials
    - Your own choice of tools from application list
    - Easy to navigate between social and private database

    Contact bar / list
    - Contacts synchronization using your network sources
    - All the contacts reachable in one contact book
    - Choice of prior contacts list
    - Online / Offline visibility
    - Chatting availability


    Social dashboard:
    - Pre-template with most popular social networks
    - Your own choice of supported social networks
    - Possiblity to add any kind of web link icon / shortcut
    - Easy to navigate between Social and Private database
    - Friendly use of processing notification and daily updates in one place 


    Some extra pictures:
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