The aesthetic of the posters/postals focuses on a sentence about the culture of the region that we came across when we were doing our research: 
    “Denso, colorido e envolvente, o Douro é sobretudo rio, vinha, panorama desigual e em excesso.”
    Douro is a colorful and engaging region on Portugal and its culture is known by all over the world. It's a very dense place rich in gastronomy, tradition and wine production, and also a tourist point with cruises travelling the river. That exceed of sensations took us to a vibrant universe, where the patterns of important elements of Douro are mentionated but with some abstract side too.
    We created symbolic characters for the type used in the name "DOURO", reminiscing the views with the hills with the vineyards and the river - UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Sara Monteiro  - Rita Robalinho - Carolina Silva - Maria Moita | FBAUP 2013