Wandering Tv | Brand and Web Design

    Wandering Tv
    It is a collective of travel bloggers sharing their adventures with you. I wanted to create a contemporary brand which shows honesty, sense of personalization and a freshens in style.
  • I wanted a word which represents travel stories, "Wander" seemed like the right choice but I wanted a word in motion so I decided to go with Wandering. "Tv" is used for referring to a portal for viewers. 
    I implimented the name with different aspects of the brand like WanderingRussia, Wandering Journal and The Wandering Mail.
  • The anchor plays as the brand logo, which indicates a journey. 
    Paul Renner's Futura seemed like the right option we wanted something which shows efficiency, reliability and  forwardness
    I selected a subtle shades of blue which reminds us of the vastness of the sky and the sea. The shade of pink is to show the heart and soul put into the website and it's numerous contributors.
  • For the website I wanted a minimalistic approach, while keeping things insanely easy. Please go through the website to understand the time we spent on the information architecture. The design is planned to evolve with growth of the website. 
    Responsiveness is something I really wanted to nail as a lot of our viewers come form instagram or use mobile devices. We kept it even more easy for mobile users with hiding the categories and taking them straight to content. 
    There is no search option on the website because we don't want to treat it like a directory. Wandering is more like a book with short stories, you never know when you stumble upon something good. 
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