Trashed documentary posters with recycled materials

  • The first task for the newborn PPP Design Collective was to realize a series of A3 posters to promote "Trashed" documentary's projection hold by Profs. Matteo Mai, Stefano Recalcati and Danilo Boni in Politecnico di Milano Bovisa Campus during the official European Week for Waste Reduction.
    Modern digital printing was too expensive and also not so truthful to the documentary's theme about the terrible effects of uncontrolled modern waste, so various materials such as scrap and ruined  drawing papers, plastic panels and cloth, old posters, flyers, boxes, etc.  were collected for free, cut and assembled in the standard A3 size. A series of stencil were then laser cut on scrap wood masks and then painted with acrilic black and white colours, the only additional cost to the whole project.
    (see last images for the whole documented process).
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