Box of Belief: Voodoo

  • Box of Believe is a brand that communicates the major religions of this word. A box for each religion allows the user a compact, authentic and entertaining insight on the specific Belief. The Box shown in this project focuses on the religion of Voodoo. Being mainly associated with black magic and devilish stereotypes (such as the voodoo doll), most people are unaware of the fact that voodoo is a very old and complex belief system that originated in west africa. Being brought to South America and the Caribbean by the slave-trade, it is practised by millions of people today all over the world.
    The box allows the user to understand and experience real voodoo (the Vodou traditions of Haiti) throughout 3 stags. The first part delivers detailed background information in form of an illustrated book. In order to upgrade the knowledge to a practical level, the second stage includes instruction cards that enable to perform authentic voodoo rituals. Finally the ritual ingredients are provided.