Little Prince Museum of Surrealism

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    about the museum

    The Little Prince Museum is a museum of art and design that showcases Surrealist works from all over the world. The museum is named after The Little Prince book, by Antoine De Saint-Exupery, in honor of the  book’s surrealist plot and fantastical illustrations.

    The Little Prince Museum will be located in the Red Rock Desert, Nevada, USA. The location was decided based on the fact that the desert is an important, reoccurring setting in The Little Prince, as well as a common setting for classic and contemporary Surrealist paintings from artists like Salvador Dali, Vladimir Kush, Yves Tanguy, and Félix Labisse.

    The museum’s minimalist architecture is intended to contrast with the natural shapes of the rocky mountains of the desert, similar to the Surrealist art exposed in the museum.
    Art by: Rafał Olbiński, Renné Magritte, Alex Gross, Miguel Padura, Gürbüz Dogan Eksioglu, Superstudio, Scott Listfield, Oliver Jeffers, Sarah Eisenlohr and RGB6. This is a shcool project completed at the School of Visual Arts. Instructor: Natasha Jen
  • system

    The Little Prince Museum visual identity was designed as a dynamic system that allows for adaptive, resizable designs and applications. The system is composed of two rectangles that blend together by other transitional rectangles.

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