Advantages and Disadvantages of Teleportation

  • Advantages & Disadvantages
    of Teleportation 
    Growing up in a cold-cold Russian town, not too far from Siberia, I often dreamt about teleportation. I imagened teleporting to school, instead of walking there, when it's -30C outside. 
    In this mini-comics I'm trying to picture what life would be like if everyone (well, almost everyone) could teleport. It consists of 6 tiny stories which tell about advantages and disadvantages of teleportation. Because teleportation is great, but it causes some major problems as well. 

  • The first story is about how people don't have to depend on the weather anymore. The girl's figure was screen-printed on a sheet of transparent poly film. 

  • The second story is about the risk of teleporting while being drunk.
    Idea is simple: Don't drink and teleport. 
  • The third story is telling how easy it is to find a partner for sport practice if you can teleport. 
  • The fourth story is about the importance of private space.
  • The fifth story is about travelling. 
  • And the sixth story is about a guy who had a phobia of teleportation.