3D Modeling - Chess

  • First 3D modeling I've complete while in study of Multimedia Design Diploma. We are require to create 3D object and advertise it through poster and video.

    Chess was my choice as my modeling object as it is outstanding and challenging especially the knight chess. It comes with animation video, video turn around and 3D posters with the concept behind.
    When the world betrayed you,
    when the love one hurted you,
    what would you feel?
    Pain? Sad? Loneliness?
    Like there’s no one bother to care about you, isn’t it?
    You might want to fight back, want to revenge,
    you might want to save this relationship, friends, lovers, or even family.
    But still, you hurted.
    You felt broken, right?
    You falled down, you felt the loneliness that no one willing to pull you up from there,
    like there’s no more people who can be trusted in this world anymore.
    do remember, that there’s always someone who is there for you,
    the person who willing to sacrifice for you,
    even with their life.
    Might be your family, friends, lovers,
    or even someone that you don’t know,
    or even someone you hate.
    The person
    is your loyal knight in your life.
    So, believe that,
    there’s still hope,
    there’s still trust and loyalty.
  • - White King - 
    self , pride , strong outside but weak inside like glass
    - White Knight -
    loyal friends and family, guardian angel
    - Black Queen -
    forbidden love, someone you love but against you
    - Black Pawn -
    betrayers, destroyers, those who trying to destroy your talent, your world
  • Loyalty
  • Trapped
  • Guardian