Interactive Story for Kids

  • I learnt Interactive Design in my Multimedia Design diploma too. This is my final project which is creating an interactive story for kids. I chosen The Lion and The Mouse to be my main story but I changed it a little bit to match with the kids nowadays. For the design, I made it simple and easily to understand. I try not to do too much of interaction because i want kids to focus on the story and the meaning behind of it.
    I created the lion and the mouse become human form because I believe that kids would feel easily according to their environment. I remain the characteristics and the attitude of the lion and the mouse, then I created a very simple story to lead kids read it easily and understand the story.
    My main purpose of this project is to create an interactive story for kids, so I actually more focus on kids rather than focus on very special effect for the interaction. I believe that the message is the most important things of all.
  • Character Design - The Lion
  • Character Design - The Mouse
  • Sketches - The Lion's movement
  • Sketches - The Mouse's movement
  • Main Page - Logo
  • Introduction Page - Introducing the lion Leo
  • Introduction Page - Introducing the moues Mike
  • Story begins - Chasing the ball
  • The reason why Leo and Mike knowing each other
  • Leo fall down because of the ball
  • Leo got mad and caught Mike
  • Mik found a newspaper on the floor
  • Help Leo!
  • Friends :)