C-A-V-E-A Light Installation


    "In the Alt Empordà, to the north of Cataluña, lies the town of Cadaquès,
    home to artists like Dalí and Federico García Lorca.  Every year the town of Cadaquès hosts the Sensorium Grand Gala of surrealism, an event which brings together a combination of art, music and literature. Elisava asked us if we were interested in designing a piece for the event,
    and without a shadow of a doubt, we said yes.

    Cavea is an installation built on the shore of the beach,
    blending into the nature of the area. An installation that communicates
    with the space around it and interacts with both the user and area.
    Two elements to experiment with; light and colour translated into night and day without a visible change. A mystical installation that gives the beach of Cadaques a whole new experience, where the user is absorbed
    into a sensorial, dreamy experience."


    Dani Llugany dani-llugany.com
    Pau Alekumsalaam pauerr.com 
    Alexandra Requesens alexrequesens.com
    Pol Trias poltrias.com 
    Eva Vera evavera.com
    Octavi Serra octaviserra.com

    Salva Fàbregas
    Virgínia Angulo / Albert Fuster / Raffaella Perrone