KAYLAD-e | trike evolved [2013]

  • Ergonomic study 
  • Ideation samples
  •  Integrated chain
    10mm hardened steel chain
    - 850mm long
  • Mid drive motor
    Provides a smooth ride. Contributes to a low center of gravity and better weight distribution.
    Low maintenance. 
    - 250Watt
    - 3.9 Kg [8.6 pounds]
    - EU ready [no driving license needed]
  • Belt drive and belt guard
  • Gear hub and dropout lock
    Gear hub provides a smooth ride and it is a low maintenance solution.
    Dropout locks and secures the rear wheel. Discourages theft of easy removable parts [major concern in urban commute].
  • GPS and saddle lock
    A GPS is integrated in the seat tube, enabling the user to alert the police in case of bike theft and recovering the vehicle. It is powered by a small battery that is charged when the main battery is mounted.
    The saddle is locked in the frame by a rivet, rendering it hard to be removed.
  • Integrated lights
    Modern bike commuters in most cases share the road with motor vehicles. It is crucial for the safety of the rider that he/she is visible to the rest of the road users, as well as, he/she has good visibility of the environment.
    Kaylad-e has integrated head, tail and direction LED lights.
    Headlight has 1100 Lumen hi and low beams.
    Tail light signals when the rider is braking.
  • Bag rack
    Commuters need to carry baggages [briefcases, backpacks, shopping bags etc.].
    Placing the belongings in front of the user enables him/her to survey them, rendering theft almost impossible. 
    The commute often includes stops to the super market or other stores.
    The baggages must be secured when the vehicle is in motion.
  • Handlebar turning
  • Tilting
  • Suspension