Tasca do Sol - restaurant | Branding

    Restaurant Branding
    Tasca do sol is a Traditional Portuguese Tavern, a restaurant located in the heart of Lisbon, Portugal, in a refurbished butcher-shop that was closed since the 70's.
    For costumer's delight some old pieces from the space former function were left as is, like the old massive wood cutting board or the meat hooks, the wc is inside the refrigeration chamber, and the surrounding space in the eating area like marble walls and original floor was preserved as well.
    The space is not too big, and that allows the staff to provide a very personal eating experience, recommending wines & meals composed by various plates that change daily.
    There is a black wall/board, where meals, sides, and deserts are written down everyday, according to the day's local market offer.
    As requested, a vintage cursive looking logo.
    Typography only, with several possibilities of presentation, worn out, clean, flat or shady...
    The colour was picked from the inside of the restaurant, as the "saturated salmon" was used by the decorators.
    Drink's Menu
    Very much like the dishes change daily, the drinks also vary, as the restaurant gives preference to small producers of wine, locally brewed beer, liquors, coffee blends etc, the batches are small and the prices change along. Further info about the source, blends or flavours is normally provided by the staff, so it doesn't need to figure in the prints. 
    Due to the constant need of updating the prices of the available drinks choice, the menus are a matrix optimised to be hand filled.. There's also the possibility to coat the menus with plastic film to avoid waste or for quicker erase/editing, and space for extra info, side lines and jokes along the menu.
    The menus are bilingual, presenting both portuguese and english in a mixed way.
  • both sides of the drink's menu
  • *shown prices are mere simulations*
  • Although I was only requested to create drink menus,
    I went ahead and expanded the scope to other objects present in the dinning room, offering like this a more seamless experience:
    -Business cards
    -House wine bottle
    -in-House books,
    — Chef's recipes book (hard cover)
    where the Chef periodically writes down inventions, modern, or old flavours of portuguese cuisine, to be shared with the costumers.
    Guest Book (hard cover)
    where a mark can be left by any guest, as the restaurant attracts people from many different nationalities, its a nice item to have around.
    -Reservations NoteBooks (hard cover) perfect size for being carried around the whole day, either in the farmers market or behind the counter it should always be at reach for a quick registration of incoming guest at any given date. 
    Thank you.