• Gunter's Fable is a group project promoting the work of Gunter Pauli, on which I've participated as an interaction designer. The whole project was conducted by James Marshall, Shaun Britton and Steven Murdoch who have worked as both art director and lead manager.


    My group and I have been working on the digital communication.
    The purpose was to present the different fables through the work of each students. They asked us to build a platform which had to be responsive and in harmony with the strong identity of the project.
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    Publishing Team: Website
  • Different versions of the website have been developed according to the specifications. 
    The final one is gathering all the content designed by students in a logical way allowing the user to
    switch easily between fables.

    Each team has been focusing on specific aspects of the project (Design, Edutainment, Marketing
    and Publishing).
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    Gunter's Fable
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