Equinox – (from Latin “aequus” – equal and “nox” - night). This is the moment of the balance in the nature, when day is equal to night. The moment, when seasons replace each other, completing old life cycles
    and beginning new one.
    Equinox is the change of the paradigm, new look of the Manekibook  at everything, that has been made
    in 4 years. This collection is the moment of the balance and beginning of the other part of the Manekibook’s history.
    The сorporate identity has been made in black and yellow colours. It fully corresponds  to equinox.
    Pattern, which was made from contour of the airplane’s wing, was shown differently in all elements
    of the сorporate identity.
    Art direction – Manekibook. GT Accessories
    Design – Gaze Olga
    Package has a strict classic style with corporate pattern. Pattern has been printed with lacquer, which
    was a good match for cardboard.
    Client – Manekibook. GT Accessories, http://manekibook.com/ua
    Design – Gaze Olga
    Photo – Mykhailo Liapin, Gaze Olga