MTV Millenial Awards

  • Earlier this year, I had the amazing opportunity of designing the graphic proposal –via motionboards– of the first version of the MTV Milennial Awards. More than just a simple awards ceremony, the Millenial awards is a tribute to the hyper-connected, social media devouring, emerging pop culture that creates and shares content across the globe. The Challenge was to provide the color and ambience for some spectacular 3d simulations that the script provided by viacom demanded. 
    1. First style Proposals
  • The first proposals revolved around the idea of a singular dynamic element contained in a force field. Textures and colors followed a saturated candy-colored code. I took inspiration from the preparation of sweets, specifically when the colors are mixed in raw, liquid form; for the shapes, i looked a lot of microscopic imagery depiciting colliding particles, supernovas and beautiful explosions of all kinds.
  • Although the pitch was succesful, the client requested to saturate more the colors, and eliminate excessive ornamentation.
    2. Boards added after first Client Revision
    3. Animation Tests / GC's
    4. Tune In Design / Animation
    Final Credits:
    Direction: Moisés Arancibia
    Design: Felipe Vargas
    Motionboards: Felipe Vargas, Luis Suárez
    2D Animation: Felipe Vargas, Luis Suárez
    3D Animation: Marco Lizama, Luis Suárez
    Compositing: Felipe Vargas