Typography in spatial applications – design & process

    This is the concept of spatial visual system with deconstructivist character.
    This project is the essence of the possibility of spatial view, the overall perception of space 
    and objects contained therein. 
    Includes my research of usability, preparation and consecutive creation of system.
    Tribute to the 25th anniversary of Deconstructivism in MoMA. /1988–2013/
    Keywords: space, perspective, illusion, typography, visual style, deconstructivism, deformation.
  • Main poster + keywords
  • The first impression
  • Scale
  • Lenticular painting 1/8
  • Planar projection 2/8
  • Perspective anamorphosis 3/8
  • Planar projection 5/8
  • Spatial reprezentation 6/8
  • Planar projection 8/8
  • Foto: Květoslav Bartoš
  • Process from concept to manufacture:
  • Typographic system
  • testing and testing and testing...
  • Thanks for watching...