Brion Tomb (Tomba Brion), Carlo Scarpa

  • Study and analysis of Brion Tomb by the Italian architect Carlo Scarpa.
    After visiting the complex and taking detailed pictures of the structures, a study on original sketches made by Scarpa and a detailed redrawing work, among with the realization of a small and simplified cardboard model
    (thanks to Francesca Padovani for the collaboration).

    In this place, Scarpa , is not limited in building only an architecture admirable. He is like a writer, at the same time, who wrote his text and a clever comment or lucid preface.
    The funeral complex is accessible from two entrances (one from the old cemetery and one from the street) with a free sequence plan of different buildings, all realized in concrete, including a familiar chapel, two covered burial areas (the arcosolium for Giuseppe and Onorina Brion, and one for other family members), a dense grove of cypresses, a prato (lawn), and a private meditation/viewing pavilion, separated from the main prato by a separate and locked entrance, and a heavily vegetated reflecting pool and a pavilion.
  • Model, cardboard, 1:200 ( thanks to Francesca Padovan for the help and collaboration)
  • Drawings, various scale: 1:250, 1:100, 1:50, printed on A3, Splendor Gel Paper, 120gr.