Barcelona 2013 - Parc de les Tres Xemeneies, Paral·lel
    Domestic Data Streamers is a real time, real size and on the go infographic based on answers given by the public passing by a space of transit. Answers ranging from opinions, to levels of optimism, age or even the colour of pyjamas create a graphic stream of data flow which is collected over 24 hours
    Pau Alekumsalaam www.pauerr.com 
    Dani Llugany www.dani-llugany.com
    Marta Ribas  www.martaribas.com
    Alexandra de Requesens www.alexrequesens.com
    Irene Ródenas 
    Pol Trias www.poltriascoca.com
    Octavi Serra www.octaviserra.com
    Marta Domènech
    Rebobinart Art Collective
    Elisava School of Design and Engineering
    Jade de Robles (Copywriting)
    Maria Ródenas (Photography)