• Autumn 2013
    Personal project
    I spent most part of the year working on comissioned projects, which I really enjoy doing.
    Nevertheless, I think its important to do personal projects, whenever one has the time, as they give you the chance to leave the well known paths towards new techinques, formats and processes.
    This time I decided to create a very large drawing using only inks and watercolor and fight my way through it.
    There were several moments were I felt like abondoning the piece or even burn it, but I think thats another reason to do personal projects: the struggle and the good feeling of overcoming it.
    The concept behind the image was quite personal too, as I wanted to show the overwhelming feeling of the upcoming birth of our first child.
    Size is 230 x 150 cm.
    After finishing the piece I played around with the digital file in monochcromatic tones creating an animated version (second below). 
    Thanks for watching!