Serenity | Relaxation Space

  • Serenity was conceptualized to be used as a defined space for one to meditate, relax and reflect. In today's society, meditation has become an increasingly popular lifestyle choice for those who seek to relax and  take time off for themselves. This piece of furniture was designed keeping in mind the core values of relieving stress in the urban environment while switching off from work. It is specifically tailored to make the user relax through the practice of meditation. There are also more subtle influences which affect the subconscious such as aesthetics, aroma and the option to use ergonomic postures that influence relaxation more than a working posture. For instance the position of leaning inward during meditation subconsciously makes one introspective while the act of leaning backward like on a lounge chair causes one to relax and reflect in a retrospective manner. 
  • Sketches, Function and form exploration