Oh deer (full series)


    Full series

    An analogy to the 7 stations of the way of the cross and the suffering of a deer instead of Jesus Christ. 
    It should work as catharsis for the beholder, like the pietà in Catholicism.
     Mankind should be fully aware of the complaint every single animal have to get through, so we can consume their meat as often as we do it nowadays.
    We lost knowledge about the living animal and often only see the final good and not the povider of our food  any more. This series tries to make one overthink their frequency of meat consume and pays homage to every animal which suffer for our wealth.
  • I. Verurteilung zum Tode
    I. Sentence of death
  • II. Das Reh haucht seinen Geist aus
    II. The deer exhale its spirit
  • III. Das Reh wird seiner Haut beraubt
    III. The deer 'twill bereft its skin
  • IV. Die Öffnung des Leibes
    IV. Opening of the body
  • V. Trennung der Gliedmaßen vom Körper
    V. Separation of limbs and body
  • VI. Das Reh wird seines Fleisches beraubt
    VI. The deer 'twill bereft its flesh
  • VII. Die Beweinung des übrigen Leibes
    VII. Lamentation of the remaining body
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