The Little Postman

    The Little Postman is a story from an untold land of fairy tales named Storytopia.The land that vanished off our mind right after we are six years old. 
    Storytopia had three races, they are: HUMER (human, elf, dwarf, giant), HOPER (Animal, Insect, Reptile, Fish, etc), and FLUTTER (fairy). In this story, you will meet a little Humer named 90.
    He is a seven-years-old little postman boy with apple cheeks and cinnamon hair.
    He was given a task to deliver an important letter. He stupefied at the first time, excited along his way, suddenly thrilled and he was mad when he thought the others made a fool of him. But, his hope was stronger than ever. He stayed and the shimmering stars shined brighter.
    This story is a project of Papercaptain Studio, an illustration studio for making wondrous children illustration. 90 is main mascot for Papercaptain Studio. Furthermore, this is a prelude for another stories from Storytopia by Papercaptain Studio.
  • The Little Postman's TEASER
  • The Little Postman's Official Book Trailer
  • Silver hot-printed logo.
  • The Little Postman's Poster
  • Blue for The Little Postman
  • Red WIne for Papercaptain Studio
  • The Map of STORYTOPIA
  • Left: Storytopia's Riddle // Right: Puya the Turquoise Flutter
  • Left: Geppetto's Story  // Right: Jack's Story
  • Left: Jack the Emperor  // Right: The "B" Story
  • Left: The Dragons  // Right: The Constellation's Star
  • Left: Postmen's Brunch  // Right: Paper Captain the Little Postman
  • The Fairywood - Key riddle of Storytopia
  • The plushie crafted by Putri Collection
  • Some merchandise of The Little Postman. 
    BLUE is the color of Postman and RED WINE is the color identity of Papercaptain Studio
  • Limited Merchandise: The Storytopia Puzzle Card Collection.
  • What you get if you purchased The Little Postman (limited jeans goodie bag)