MFAH — Annual Report 2013/14

  • Weaving the Community through Art

    With art as cornerstone and the museum as a superior platform for rewarding art experiences, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston sparks connections across cultures and through time, igniting curiosity, conversation and creativity. We have always had an uncompromising belief in the power of art in flourishing a well-rounded life, which leads us to working painstakingly to engage the community in lively artistic exchange;
    to foster fresh ideas and to convey the excitement of the creative process. Our vision and mission are centered on you. We hope that by establishing a place which celebrates diverse cultures and welcomes
    new and broader constituencies, all on the service of the public and the community, we can stimulate in the community a sense of pleasure, pride and discovery which provides aesthetic challenge and leads to greater cultural awareness and discernment. We believe these are the indispensable ingredients of life that have the power of bringing everyone together, to appreciate, to learn, to ponder, to understand and to get inspired. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston is a place of wonder and enlightenment, where artistic and educational programs are being organized to support the community since 1900. We understand it is our obligation to weave the community through art and you have our promise that, we will continue to serve the community
    in all our endeavors.