Package design for Norwegian fish products

  • Package design for Norwegian fish products
    Packaging for Gravlax and Smoked Trout
  • For this task we could choose to make a package design for one of three different products; milk, chocolate or fish. We also had to make the transportation package to the product. I choose to make packaging for a Norwegian fish producer called Northern Seafood. The products were Smoked Trout and Gravlax. The briefing said that the producer wanted to market the products to gourmet shops in Europe. The products is expensive and the packaging had to reflect the high quality and exclusivity. In order to stand out in the Norwegian “fish market” I choose to focus on the fact that the products were fished from the majestic Norwegian mountain nature. I got inspired from the fish scales, the Norwegian nature and the traditional Norwegian knitted sweater patterns. The shape of the package is made so the product easily stands out. The point is that the stores can lay the products out and make out a fish scale pattern on the shelf. 
  • Inspiration
  • Photography used
  • Put together they make a fish scale pattern
  • Typography: Adobe Garamond Pro
  • Package
  • Fish scale pattern in the freezer

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