This is the Master Project of the MA Graphic Branding and Identity at the LCC / UAL, in London.
    It was made clear, by the research accompanying this project, that cabin crews are the face of an airline, they are the ones a passenger sees throughout their experience on a flight, they keep them happy (or not) and are an undeniable asset to any brand, thus making them a very important piece in the game. It was also noted that they have not been granted with the best working conditions and that problems arising from their schedules and habits may cause serious damage to them as individuals and, in a deeper and maybe less obvious, but not less important, way, to the corporations they are part of. 
    This project is still being developed, these are only experiments.
    Black box by Jeffrey Milstein (2009)
    The primary inspiration for the Jet Lag brand is the black box of an aircraft.