Doku Daily Newspaper Layout


    DokuFest is the leading film festival in Kosovo that gathers not only films and filmmakers from around the world but also film lovers from different countries and different cultures. It is the biggest Festival in Kosovo and amongst the well known in the region.
    Dokufest takes place in the historical city of Prizren, Kosovo.
    During August 2013 I had the honor to redesign the new layout of the festivals’ daily magazine – Doku Daily. 

    During the dates 17 to 27 August, I was involved in daily basis on Doku Daily.For 10 days, Doku Daily was the top magazine informing people for everything happening at the festival including film reviews, interviews with famous producers, actors, directors and visitors, recommended films to attend, unique pictures from events etc. 
    With the magazine in your hand, one had the chance to see the inner side of DokuFest and Prizren itself. 
    With a circulation of 13.000 copies per day, Doku Daily is now in the hands of people across the world.
    All the author rights of this project go to Dokufest and this is only a presentation of my work during the time of my contract.
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