• Convertable was developed from the idea of a traditional coffee table that could also provide an element of surprise.  As a common feature within my work, this table showcases the ability to transform and hide multiple functions.  While the tambour door hides beneath the table surface, users are able to access a removable ‘catchall’ tray that in return, hides beneath the tambour door when fully closed.  Furthermore, a tabletop leaf hides beneath the surface of the coffee table and transforms the surface area of the table when being used. 
  • Tambour Door 
  • Slats mimic the tambour door to create storage below the table top surface.
  • Birdseye Maple
  • Removable tray (stored inside of the table)  
  • Table top leaf hides beneath the table when not being used
  • Slide rails easily store within the table while table top leaf is being used