Graphic Design & Art Direction Portfolio 2020

  • Graphic Design & Art Direction Portfolio 2020
    This printed Portfolio contains a selection of projects performed from 2018-2020. The selected Projects were taken & delivered throughout the academic path as well as for clients. The process of delivery of the project starts with an ample & deep research onto the portfolio object, from which the idea of ​​creating a container for the various projects that approaches the book object rises, but at the same time differs from it in a substantial way, untying the consultation of the projects contained within it, from the limitation of the authoritative of the binding of any bound paper, hybridizing an editorial project to a packaging project. The subdivision of the projects into folders, containing ten project sheets each, opens the path to a potential simultaneous consultation of the projects, highlighting both amid the project frameworks, creative and technical path completed over the years and furthermore the stylistic common thread/leitmotiv developed over time.

    One of the foremost engaging and fun feature of this project was the complete freedom of stylistic and communicative choice to be executed, consisting of the use of those few but good components competent of making a project clear and well organized. Another key point of the project on which a parcel of research has been conducted is the choice of materials and finishes to be applied, which would enable the ultimate product to be fully defined and precious whilst “dressed” by a clear & intuitive graphic display, consisting of a single typeface and two achromatic colors: white, embodied by silver and black. 
    The color system plays a crucial role both in differentiating the bundle from the internal content, and in keeping them continuously in communication with each other, exploiting the relationship between positive (internal content) and negative (packaging).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


  • Project Details

    Limited to 3 copies 

    24 x 32 cm

    Used papers 
    Box: Fedrigoni lmitlin 120gr/2
    Project folders: Favini Magestic Luxus Real Silver 250gr/m2
    Project sheets: Fedrigoni Xper 300gr/m2

    Printing techniques 
    Box: serigraphy
    Project folders: digital print
    Project sheets: digital print

    Typeface in use
    Neue Montreal - PangramPangram Foundry 

    Paper converting executed by: L’ottagono snc 
    Screen printing executed by: Bertani serigrafia Sas 
    Digital print executed by: Mastergraph S.p.A

    Photos by

  • Alessio Longa Graphic Design & Art Direction

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