Final Assignment: Master's Degree (Master of Arts)
    Minimalism is an important part of designblogs and magazines, but they often speak only about the style itselves. Is Minimalism really just another style of design or is there more behind the phenomenon? This is why I analyzed Minimalism in my master's degree from birth till present and emphasized how reduced design has changed over time.
    The project »Neomalist« were created from the theoretical insights and was the attempt to show the process of melting ethics and aesthetics which is currently going on in our society. Neomalist is an organisation which empowers a more sustainable lifestyle while reducing the behavior of consumption and mobility. the affluent society is a major problem of this time, therefore the organisation is focused on giving inspiration to reduce garbage.
    The key issue is the website for all activities. The blog and the products should stop people and let them rethink their environment, focus on it and ask themselves if they can change the products, they have already at home, into something new.Neo-Minimalism as a lifestyle is getting more learnable and fulfills the demands of the target group through the connection of digital and real media.
    The products available at the online shop get the reduced lifestyle at home by eliminating the mess in kitchen and bathroom through less container and an integrated design. The products can be used for many different fields of application. With only natural ingredients used, the detergent for example can be used for washing hair also. The headline »Ich bin kein …« (in english »I'm not a ….) makes the consumer curios. The goal is reached if the consumer is getting inspired and has an idea for a new usage of the product. As a result he can share this idea at the platform with the other neomalists.
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