• Gertrude Table Lamp


    Gertrude table light is the synthesis between the Italian design geometrical approach of the 70’ and the literature world of the XIX century. The main inspiration of the design is the character Gertrude, the Monza’s nun from “The Betrothed” by Alessandro Manzoni, published in 1827. It’s composed by a sphere joined with a triangular shape and an inclined plane (35 degrees) which guarantees directional light to the top in which the lamp will be placed. The sphere is divided in two parts. The 3D printed main body is in PETG and contains the light bulb while the other is made of translucent PLA. It has a screwed part which permits access to the user for an easy maintenance.
    The design can be reported immediately to its inspiration but also perceived as a pleasant solid composition. 
    For this reason I decided to call it with the original character name: so not all people know the meaning of the name connected to the reference, so they can feel the object as an iconic object.

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