Draw This In Your Style 2020

  • Every now and then I like to participate in "Draw this in your style" challenges on Instagram. They're a great way to explore other artist's styles and concepts. Here is a collection of my submissions from this year. (above: #birdking by @crom_cristianortiz)
  • #albabg120k by @albabbgg
  • #devinellechallenge by @devinellekurtz
  • Challenge by @dimitrispantazisart
  • #daviloriumredraw by @davilorium
  • #seer400k by @seerlight
  • #albabbggredraw by @albabbgg
  • #camilla23k by @camillaroeder
  • Challenge by @manonlouart
  • & last but not least, the inevitable Sailor Moon redraw

    Thanks for watching everyone! 🖤
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