Guitar Pedal (WIP)

  • The project started with my desire to rehouse a guitar pedal I had bought. The idea was to make the most simple shape possible around the PCB I had. 

    Based on a previous EGGS Design project, I'm experimenting with a controller that can be placed on the guitar body. The device is connected to the main pedal wirelessly, allowing for tuning around the stage, giving more freedom to the musician.

    The work is in progress. I'm now prototyping different form factors for the pedal and controller, trying to achieve ultimate simplicity and user-friendliness. 
  • The all-white pedal will get dirty and scratched with time, showing off the scars and stories.
  • I decided to tryout a black version for the folks hating on a dirty white pedal. Also rendered one with colored knobs to bring a "Memphis meets SNES" vibe.
  • Other shapes are being tested and prototyped. Stay tuned for more.
  • To be continued...