Next Gen. VR Headset

  • I've been using the Quest quite a lot, and I love it. It made ubiquitous VR seem tangible, but it's still far from being a seamless experience.
    VR still feels in beta, and there's a long road to get more performance into all-in-one headsets.

    But what if you could add performance and battery life to your headset? On this concept, I imagined an add-on that can be attached to the back console of the device. That add-on contains an extra Qualcomm Adreno and a battery unit, improving graphics while keeping battery life stable.

    The extra weight and noise are balanced by placing the pack on the back of the headset.
    The part is optional, meaning that users don't have to pay for an expensive headset if they don't feel the need for 120Hz. But if it's time to get extra performance on Beat Saber, just order the pack online and install it yourself.

  • With VR becoming a more widely adopted technology, the natural direction is to see a broader range of CMF options to appeal to different audiences.
    On my tests, I wanted to bring a more relaxed/humane look and feel. Humanized tech is a big trend and fits well in such a big device that lays around the house, and it's used so intimately. If the headset is a portal to a different reality, why not bring more comfort and familiarity to that experience?
  • Thank you!