Illustrated Riga travel guide

    illustrated travel guide
  • This travel guide is a personal project created by Diana Renzhina (illustrations) and Anna Panfilova (text).

    It's a really illustrated travel guide all about Riga: why to go, things to see, where to eat, what the hell, and all sort of questions answered in 35 beautiful pictures.

  •   No fancy mock-ups, just some illustrations
  • We've also prepared some extra goodies - like postcards
    a few words and some sketches

    First sketches

  • Developing the characters

    and the whole idea at the same time

  • Reference photos

    We spent a lot of time on gathering info and making reference photos of Riga as well

  • Book dummy

    We've made a book dummy to test our product on a target group
  • Website design elements

    We decided to make a website to sell our book and created a header illustration for it
  • Illustrations for social media posts

    I also made a bunch of illustrations for the posts on Facebook and Instagram. Sometimes they came along with a questions (e.g. "What is your favorite cafe?"), sometimes they were just a reminder that I'm still alive and working :)

  • That's all! Thank you for reading this!

    At the moment we are preparing our guide for printing, and if you want to preorder it, it's available on our website