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  • DOBRO - Jewellery
  • We had a pleasure to cooperate with Kasia Dobrowolska - owner of the DOBRO hand crafted wonderful jewellery. 
    DOBRO is jewellery brand inspired by the feeling of creative freedom and adventures yet to come. Kasia loves vintage aesthetics and her premiere collection was inspired by the visual opulence of the sunlit Mediterranean. Together with Kasia we invite you on a trip to the parallel world where DOBRO cheerful Sun shines bright.  
    Each piece of DOBRO jewellery is hancrafted by Kasia in a cosy atelier in Warsaw. Beginning with laborious process of hancurving in wax until the final polishing of the silver pieces – only classic goldsmith’s methods are being used in the process of creating DOBRO jewellery. 

  • The shine, the soft shapes – jour client’s products are all about details. That’s why we began the creative process with including the attention to details into brand identity design. This resulted in very elegant typography with a soft, vintage vibe. Harmony, elegant minimalism and delicate ornaments drawing inspiration from sun and water.

  • If you want to cooperate with Kasia or you are interested in purchasing 
    DOBRO jewels - just contact her: 

    Instagram - @dobro_jewellery

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    Client: Kasia Dobrowolska / DOBRO Jewellery
    Design: Unifikat Studio

    Editorial photography
    Art Direction: Kasia Dobrowolska / DOBRO Jewellery
    Photography: Maria Biel / Open Space Paris
    Model: Karina Kurzacz / Model Plus Warsaw
    Make Up Artist: Anna Sokołowska
    Styling: Karol Młodziński 

    Packshot photography
    Company materials: Unifikat Studio
    Products: Kasia Dobrowolska / DOBRO Jewellery, Paweł Marcinkowski
    Photo of the Kasia at work: Punnuf / Rafał Łukasik