• Company Profile:
    Founded in 1994, Megaunity Environmental is a national high-tech enterprise, having Liaoning provincial level engineering research center and provincial level engineering technology research center in the coastal city of Dalian, provides high quality industrial plant air treatment system solutions for customers. During more than 20 years of development, Megaunity has trained a group of professional environmental design and project management engineers, and accumulated abundant experience in system design and engineering projects. Megaunity operates environmental protection equipment research, development and manufacturing bases in Dalian and Shanghai, provides environmental protection system equipment operation and maintenance services, and is devoted to become users' long-term partner providing environmental protection system solutions. 

  • Apollo 11 fulfilled the ideal of landing a man on the moon, the octagonal rhombic module of the lunar module witnessed the first exploration footprint of industrial equipment using technology on the lunar surface.

  • The sheet metal body of UNIVERSE MARK uses a minimalist design language. The branding feature of the outlet on the top is the visual center of the product, which marks the continuation of the exploration spirit of Apollo 11 during the research of the purification system.​​​​​​​

  • The language style of UNIVERSE MARK is formed by the density contrast between minimalism and characteristics. Its cold and mysterious posture makes it more like an unknown object or spaceship in the universe, which fits the minimalist and front-end space environment of airports and science museums.

  • MEGAUNITY's air purification system has built-in multi-layer split filter element.​​​​​​​

  • The MEGAUNITY air purification system creates four tones for different environmental places.

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