GoTrack - Mobile Tracking App

  • Earn with mind, spend with 

    GoTrack is an AI-equipped mobile application that provides convenience for people to record their daily expenses and earnings.
  • Whether it is an app store or a play store, there are hundreds of mobile applications in this category. But they all seem to be missing something. In this application, which was prepared only as a concept, I paid attention to the details and kept what the users wanted.
  • Research is the most important part that led me to the right direction while working on UX design. This is the fundamental part that I need to take care of. I started with accumulating all the data from research and started planning prototypes.
  • The goal was to create a modern, flat, colorful, and dynamic design style that allows us to upgrade the GoTrack brand and save daily money expenses in a more user-friendly environment.
  • User Experience
    User Flow
  • A user flow is a path that the user follows through the website or mobile app interface to complete a task or user journey. It is essentially the route that the user travels from point A to point B and is usually attached to a persona, the representation of a user or user group, and/or an entry point, where the user journey begins.

  • User Experience
  • This visual guide represents the skeletal framework of the app. It helped me arrange the interface elements while I focused on the functionality rather than what it looks like. Moreover, the simplicity of wireframes allows me to quickly test ideas without diving into the details.
  • Design System