• Giant Ant -
    Right Now

  • We made a short. It’s not long.
    If there’s one thing we’ve learned in 2020, it’s that things are hard… and that we’re in it together.
  • Cleanup: For those of you who aren’t animators, cleanup is when you apply colour, frame by frame, to the animation.
    Next time, after much ridicule, Hugo will likely use fewer than the 67 colours shown in his legend.
  • Credits -

    Directed by Giant Ant

    Producer: Teresa Toews
    Written by Jay Grandin
    Storyboard: Esther Cheung
    Illustration: Eric Pautz, Rafael Mayani, Hugo Baurens, Genice Chan, Esther Cheung
    Animation: Esther Cheung, Sitji Chou, Johannes Fast, Fabio Valesini, Diego MacLean, Conor Whelan, Ben Ommundson
    Compositing: Conor Whelan, Diego McLean, Eric Pautz, Noah Bavonese, Johannes Fast
    Music and Sound: Ambrose Yu