Magazine - Editorial Design

  • Magazine, Celeste Watson, 2012
    Digital print on paper
    A4, 210 x 297 millimeters

 is a hypothetical quarterly publication that discusses the relationship between philosophy and The Internet. The title was conceived from looking at the origin of the word ethernet, a cable used to connect to The Internet. The intellectual journal builds upon the philosophy presented in old world mysticism whilst referencing the modern day invention of The Internet; an intangible realm ‘beyond the sphere of the moon’. The magazine features modern philosophers who become the guest editor of each issue, discussing current affairs, ideas and trends stemming from the virtual world of online.
  • “To understand our fate and position in the modern technological world; this will occur only in conjunction with a sustained and creative philosophy —
    understood now not only as a form of knowing but of making as well”
    — Sanford Kwinter
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