• 2019年中期的一个设计项目,该项目是一个沥水茶盘设计,考虑到用户是年轻一代的群体,所以我们这次以极简北欧风为设计手法,搭配不同的材质来体现产品的质感与产品价值感,这个项目可以说历尽艰辛从2019年设计到2020年发售,真的是经历很多,不过最后产品取得了不错的销售成绩这样作为设计师的我们也感到骄傲



    A design project in mid-2019. The project is a tea tray design for draining water. Considering that users are a younger generation, we use minimalist Nordic style as the design technique this time, and match different materials to reflect the texture and value of the product. Sense, this project can be said to have gone through hardships from design in 2019 to release in 2020. It is really a lot of experience, but the final product has achieved good sales results. As a designer, we are also proud of it.

    The shape is based on a runway circle, and the overall design is simple and advanced. It also combines the function of draining. Because the layered design is used, the water can flow through the grille and enter the bottom layer when the customer uses it, which allows users The experience will be more comfortable, the bottom is designed with detachable wooden feet, but users can choose their own favorite wood material to match.

    The tone given to the product by the promotional image this time, we also prefer to use surreal and geometric construction techniques as a display and promotion, so that users can feel our design language.


    Photoshop CC19
    Rhinoceros 6
    CINEMA 4D+corona

  • Recently, our team opened its own public account. I hope that through this window, I can recognize more friends who love design. I also hope that through this window, I can share some of our shallow views on design.